Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Perils of Passing Out Samples

Hello, dear readers.

As you may or may not know, I work on the weekends passing out samples in the grocery store.  It's a fun job most of the time.  I get to talk to people, try new products (what's that?  Oh, a new soda?  Sure, I'll try it..), and make a pretty easy paycheck.

But it's not always fun or easy.  There are a handful of things that can really throw it off.  And so, I created a list:

1. Rude Customers
 It's like they expect me to bend over backwards for them.  They're the people who come up to the table and cut in front of everyone, grabbing without stopping.  FYI, due to health code, I have to hand the samples over.  If you grab one out of hand, not only are you showing a lack of respect for me and my position, but you're putting my health license in danger.  Not cool.  And seriously.  If you're going to get a sample, put the cell phone down.

2. Ill Behaved Children
 I'm not allowed to pass samples out to anyone under 13 without a parent present.  I did not create the rules, I only follow them.  That being said, when your kid comes up to the table while you're too busy looking at shredded cheese and takes five of one thing before I can stop them, it's really not cool.  And if you're the parent of the kid and you don't even have the courtesy of coming by and at least taking a coupon after that, then you aren't any better.  (You know who you are, and I'm watching you.)

3. Cranky Employees

 Yeah, it happens.  I had one case where I started to set up (where I was told to) and the manager came over, ripped my table cloth off my table and told me that I wasn't in the right place.  Totally disrespectful.  Plus you get cranky managers on the phone who make it sound like you're putting them out when you do the pre-call on Monday for a demo on Saturday.  It's not that I mean to make anyone's life harder; honestly, I sell product for them.  So, if you're a store employee, be nice to me.  Cause it's no skin off my nose if I don't actively make an effort to sell you out.

There you have it.  The trio of people that make my job hell.  I stand there for five to six hours, waiting to greet you with a smile.  The least you can do is be kind back.

So next time you're in the grocery store and see a sample person, my dear readers, at least smile and say hi.  It's the least you can do. =)


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