Friday, August 22, 2008

Finding your style

There are days that I feel as though no one respects my style. I have days where I want to dress really edgy; I pile on the black eye liner and straighten my hair, I lace up my skate shoes and pull out the black hoodie-minus-the-hood. But the reality is that I still can't pull off the emo look.

Or the goth look.

Or the skater look.

Or the preppy look.

I have no fashion sense whatsoever.

But I try. I go to the store and load up on black things or colorful things depending on my mood. I dyed my hair green in an attempt to stand out, and I'm going to be dying it black within the next week. Last year I was attempting to be seriously goth. I had the lipstick and the dark colors; but people (mainly my family and friends) laughed at it and thought it was a joke.

Then I went through a period where bright colors were what I was wearing and most of my black got tossed. For some reason, my parents thought that was great. And I love my parents and all, but bright colors? They're fun for while, but it's hard to feel comfortable in them.

Now I'm in the process of revamping my wardrobe. I have some colors and I have some blacks. I want some gothic accessories, but I'll avoid excessive chains. Black eyeliner is a must, but the lipstick can stay home. I'm finally paving my own sense of style, and even when my mom rolls her eyes because I still like dark colors, I love what I'm doing.

Look out world; I'm finally becoming the me I want. And I'm going to blow your socks off.

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