Saturday, August 23, 2008

Super Special Awsomeness (A Yu-Gi-Oh! Blog)

I am a nerd.

I know more about Yu-Gi-Oh! than most people living in America. I have seen almost every episode of the anime; I used to read the manga. I can tell you the difference between Ryou and Bakura. I can argue that the Pharoh is quite cocky (season 4, with the Seal of Oricalco (I can't spell it...)) and that Yugi has more stamina than people give him credit for (season 1, duel with Pegasus in the Shadows). I have written more fan-fics that have never gotten published over the years that I lost count after ten; plus more mary-sues than I would care to admit. And I can tell you this - the villains all say the same things but never achieve their goals.

I don't know how I feel about this.

But I discovered this new thing on youtube. It's called Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series. It takes the anime, cuts it up, uses voice overs, and basically butchers the show. It's HILARIOUS! The guy who does it does a really good job with making fun of the characters. His voice acting (he does all the voices on it) is fairly good, and it's all very smooth. It's hard to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! with a straight face after seeing the abridged one.

I watched all 30 episodes in a two day period, which probably suggests that I need to get a life. But I don't care. Hearing Yugi say "Super special awsomeness" to everything makes up for it. As does hearing Kaiba say "Screw the rules, I have money"; or watching one of littlekuribohgazebo's (he does the abridged series and stuff) spin off videos like "Marik's Evil Council of Doom" or the "Yu-Gi-Oh! Christmas Carol". It's very satisfying.

And makes me watch regular Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes on youtube. Which makes me go back to the abridged series. It's a vicious cycle. I feel as though I should be ashamed, but I'm not. It's too fun to enjoy. And quote.

It's time to duel!

Mind crush!

Exodia, obliterate!!!!!

Hahahahaha, you're finished, fool!

Screw the rules, I have money.

As I said before, I really am a nerd. You should hear some interviews with the voice actors. More on that later, I have to go to work now.

Super special awsomeness!


Prince Trase said...

That was the best show on WB11! Like the greatest! But I couldn't understand how he can keep his hair like that.

Birdgirl90 said...

I think he must have used a ton of hair spray and hair gel... I agree - it was my favorite show on Saturday mornings! I wish it didn't have to end...