Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank God I don't have writer's block anymore!

It really makes me happy that I seem to have gotten rid of my writer's block. Well, at least for a little while, anyway. I was lucky - this time it only lasted about a week or two. I've had times where the cursed writer's block has lasted for a few months. That was torture.

So now I'm back to writing and (hopefully) updating my blog here. My big project that I hope to one day finish and possibly get published (Dereck and Brie) are currently on the back burner as I have found that poetry seems to be the only thing that wants to come out of my pencil. So I guess that means that I haven't entirely gotten rid of the writer's block, but it definately is a start.

Poetry is kind of fun. If you learn about it in school, the teachers and curriculum will try and force you to write within the "poetry rules". That kills. The best kind of poetry is the stuff that doesn't rhyme or follow proper grammer. The best kind is the stuff that comes from straight from your heart before you begin to analyze it - the raw words that are painfully real and that speak for you when you can't. Of course, you can go back and clean up your poetry so that it rhymes and is pretty; for me, though, that just doesn't do. All mine is real and raw and most of it will never see the light of day.

However, some of it is rather good. I keep all my writing and date it, so that I can go back a few weeks, months, or even years later to re-read it. It always is fun to do that - you can see personal growth as well as improvement in writing.

Well, cyberland people, that is where we will have to leave off, as I have to work. I'll update again later - if you are interested in reading my poetry, let me know. I may put some up.

Until next time.

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