Monday, September 19, 2011

The Stress of Prepardness

My family is leaving for vacation in less than two days.  I have yet to pack a single item.

Instead, I'm trying to get as much stuff done and turned in as possible for school.  My instructors have all been pretty cool about letting me turn stuff in early and whatnot.  The only problem so far is the test area.

I'm missing a test on Thursday, so I'm supposed to take it in the testing center tomorrow.  I'm also supposed to have the essay questions up today so I can answer them before the test.  I've talked to this instructor twice about it and she's been totally on board.

Except that it's Monday after 5 pm. and the questions aren't up. 

I'm not staying up late tonight to do this.  I have a life outside of school, a bunch of other stuff that needs to be done, and I can't stare at my computer all night waiting on them.

So I emailed my professor and asked her about it.  Very nicely, of course.  And now I'm going to see what happens.  Worst, worst case scenario, I fail the essay part of the test.  Somewhat worst case, I answer them while on vacation.  Good case, I get them answered tomorrow night.  Best case, she gets them uploaded shortly so I can get them done while sitting here at the library.

That's the downfall of vacation.  Getting everything ready.

But hey.  In less than two days, I'm going to be in a cabin in South Dakota.  So really, it all works out somehow.


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