Saturday, September 10, 2011

Update on a Weekend Night.

Well, the cavity filling wasn't as terrible as I thought it might be.  I didn't even feel the needle until she (my dentist) started pumping in the novacaine.  That kind of burned.

The rest of the visit passed in a blur.  I remember listening to Coldplay over and over.  I remember holding the armrest like I was going to parish if I let go and grinding against the mouth grip they let me have.  And I was shaking from relief when I left.  That was pretty awesome.

But now that I know what to expect for the next round.  (And there are at least three more rounds to come; this is why you take care of your mouth, kids...)  And that makes it better.

I've been working this weekend, which is good.  I'm ready for vacation though.  The family trip is in less than two weeks.  I have a presentation, two tests, and at least two more writing assignments to turn in before then.  Work before pleasure...

I'm reading a book called "The Help" right now.  It's a great book.  The authoress does a great job of making each character have a unique voice.  That's one of the things I sometimes struggle with, so I greatly admire that.  If you get a chance to read it, you should.  It's a great book.

School's going alright.  A lot of pressure just to keep my GPA high so I can get into the honor group on campus.  I'm a capable young woman, so I feel like I can stay ahead, but it's also going to take a lot of work.  I'm a little nervous about letting it slip.

I was also kind of wondering if I maybe chose the wrong major.  I love writing and I don't regret doing the writing degree, but I also miss the wildlife biology end of it.  Granted, the basic bio classes bored me to death.  And I have a love-hate relationship with math.  But I miss working with owls, hawks, eagles, and falcons.  I miss the birds.

Maybe I'll go back to school down the road and get a biology degree.  Right now, though, I'm really ready to graduate and get into the real world.  I feel like it's something I want to try.  School will always be there, so I'll always have that opportunity.  I just don't feel motivated at the moment to go beyond the associates.

Textile design is the other thing I would consider.  I've been doing a lot of knitting lately, and I've started designing my own patterns.  It's kind of neat, seeing what works and what doesn't.  I've always had a love of yarn: the colors, the textures, the brands.  I still want to own my own yarnshop, too.

So many things I want, lol.  Let's take it at baby steps.  I want to get all my homework done so I can go out of town without fear of falling behind, spend time with my friends, and spend time with my boyfriend. 

That's easy enough to achieve this week.

And on that note, I'm going to go attempt some sleep.


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