Monday, October 3, 2011


I know, it's dangerous to make plans.

But sometimes, plans can be a good thing.  Plans can make you feel like things are going to be ok even when you aren't sure they are.

My boyfriend and I have been making plans.  Moving plans, future plans, life plans.  I know that somewhere, God is probably laughing at us.  But He brought us together, so chances are that He knows we were going to do this.

I'm considering a hope chest.  It's such an old fashioned thing if you think about it.  Pioneer women would start hope chests and fill them with things that they could bring into their marriage - blankets and clothing and cooking things.  And hope.  Lots and lots of hope.

I want to start one.  I'm going to be moving in a year or so (at least provided the plans work out), and I want to have things to bring with me.  Cook books and dishes I like and blankets.  And hope.  Lots and lots of hope.

There's nothing wrong with hoping and dreaming.  I think that without hope and dreams, humans would fade out.  It's a theme you see throughout history.  Once humans became settled enough to stay in one place, they began to write stories and dream of the future.

I can't live without hope.  And even if our plans fall to shreds in the next year or two, I'm going to hope for the best.  Because life is better that way.  Life is better when you see the glass as half full and the hopes and dreams as colorful possibilities instead of black and white realities.

I want you to hope too, dear readers.  Hope in tomorrow.


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