Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I was going to post about how annoyed I am with politics, rich people, and the summer itch when I still have a week and a half of school left.  But instead, because I'm strange like that, I'm going to post about knitting.

Yesterday, for the first time nearly all semester it seems, I was able to relax enough to design a new project.  Not just any project.  My first design exploration into large articles of clothing.

This may not seem exciting or thrilling to anyone else, but to me, it's huge.  I've been doing hats for a few months, and of course socks and scarves.  But tops?  Wow.

I've just finished a yellow vanilla scented (yes, you read right, the yarn is scented) cotton wash cloth and I've been thinking about how nice cotton feels.  It's a little strange to work with until you get used to it, but then it feels lovely - cool, thick, and non scratchy.  It's really nice.

So why not make a summer top for my sister (who's petite and therefore will use less yarn and who I've been promising to create stuff for her forever) out of cotton?  Thus, it's been born.

Seed stitch edging on the top.  Stockinette stitch body.  Picot edge bind off.  Straps out of seed stitch that are picked up in the back and then button over the shoulder.  Subtle shaping at the waist, but knitted in the round as a tube in essence.

(I'm excited by this.)

I sketched it out and then made a gauge swatch.  It's going to be awesome! 

And until I can afford the yarn (mid to end of May), I  plan on finishing my own cardigan (better late than never), a shawl, and a baby blanket.

Ahh yes.  It feels good to be creative.

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