Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Brain is Exploding.

But hey, at least graduation is nearly here.

That's my excuse every time I get on Minecraft between classes.  I'm nearly done.  So I can play with my sheep.

(If you don't understand, google Minecraft.)

I've been making a mental list of all the knitting projects I'm going to finish.  It is as follows:

~Surprise for my sister (I'll reveal after her b-day)
~Red shawl for my neighbor
~Green and gold shrug for me
~Pink baby blanket for a friend of mine's grand kid
~Bluegreen alpaca lace shawl for me

Plus I really want to make that tunic for my sister that I created last week.

And I need more socks. 

As does my boyfriend.

And I really want to design some wicked cool stuff this summer.

All I want to do this summer is listen to music, spend time with the people who matter, knit, design, knit what I desgin, collect more paint chips from Home Depot, and swim.  And work my job on the weekends.


Two more papers.  Then capstone reading, humanities award ceremony, graduation ceremony, and graduation party.

And then breathing.


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