Friday, August 5, 2011

Happiness Is....

~ A glass of Blue Moon and a burger

~ A meal my mom made

~ Warm, gooey brownies

~ Iced coffee with just the right amount of cream and sugar

~ A gentle kiss that speaks more than words ever could

~ A sunset on a fall day

~ Running through fall leaves and crunching as many as possible

~ Sweaters

~ Laughing until you cry at something completely ridiculous

~ Crying until you laugh

~ Holding hands with someone you love as you walk anywhere

~ Key lime pie and an iced tea

~ Watching kids wonder at little things

~ Spending time with your family at home after a long week of constantly going

~ Sleeping wrapped in multiple blankets in a cold room

~ Flip flops

~ Ice cream cones during a hot summer day

~ The feeling of accomplishment that comes with knowing you gave it all it was worth

~ Inside jokes with people you care about

~ Popcorn balls

~ Petting a dog and watching the tail action

~ Knitting the perfect gift for someone

~ Mastering a new skill, even if you never use it again

~ Playing board games all night long

~ Play-dough

~ Writing a new poem

~ A pack of new ink pens

~ Fresh paper, ready to be marked up

~ School supplies

~ The first day of school

~ Peppermint ice cream

~ The smells of Christmas

~ The feeling of security with the ones you love

~ Painting your nails for the first time in a long time

~ Dressing up just because you want to

~ Lazy summer days spent in the shade

~ The kind of lemonade you only get at fairs

~ Hot dogs that snap when you eat them

~ Seeing wildlife along the side of the road as you drive through

~ Taking the scenic route instead of the freeway

~ Shopping for yarn and taking all the time in the world to do so

~ Laughing so hard you snort

~ Knowing that no matter what, you will always be loved

~ Watching as someone opens a gift you made for them that they love

~ Baking on a winters day

~ Building a snowman

~ Having a grown-up snowball fight

~ Going to bed early because you can

~ Going to bed late because you can

~ Sleeping in and having a lazy morning

~ Spur of the moment road trips and plans

~ The way clean sheets feel when you go to bed

~ Finding and reading a really great book

~ The moment when inspiration hits and you are overcome with a passion to write

~ Making a wish on the first star you see

~ Going out and staring at the stars

~ Fishing with your dad, even if you only catch trash

~ Mushroom hunting in the woods

~ Exploring a new area and pretending you're in Narnia

~ Camping

~ Burning marshmallows

~ Fresh cut grass

~ Planting a garden

~ Playing with a garden hose

~ Sledding down a really big hill

~ Making soup from scratch

~ Singing along with the radio at the top of your lungs

~ Giggling with your sister over ridiculous things no one else would get

~ Making each day count for something

There are so many more, but I don't have room to list them all.  Go out, dear readers, and find what makes you happy.  It is completely worth it. :)


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