Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Taste of Fall

School is back in session.  This is week two and already I feel like I'm buried sky high in stuff.  Papers to do, chapters to read and take notes, critiquing to be done.

It's a little overwhelming.  But I know I'll pull through.  I always do.

I got a small taste of fall yesterday.  It was cool in the morning when I went to school, with the sky that shade of blue that anticipates September and October.  You know what I'm talking about.  Not the worn out blue haze of summer or the faded and cold blue chill of winter, but that viberant alive blue that only fall can bring.

I love fall.

I love the homework, even when it's burying me.  I love the leaves changing.  I love the drinks and food that comes around, like butternut squash and stews and caramel apple cider.  I love sweaters and cool breezes.  I love knitting warm, long projects that are too hot to work on during the summer.

I love everything about fall.

Well, except for the snow, but that's another complaint.

So even while it's still too warm to wear my favorite argyle sweater, and even while I'm buried six feet under in papers, I know fall is coming.

Soon.  Soon. :)


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