Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Starts Soon.

It starts next week.

I have everything together.  Books, paper, pens.  A new flash drive (purple, actually), my backpack organized.  Everything is ready to go.

Except me.

This summer has been amazing.  It's had its ups and its down, but for the most part it's been blissful.  I've knitted, read, written drabbles, shopped and ate with friends, and spent time with my family.  I fell in love.  I learned what it was to lose.

And now the summer is gone.

It was worth it.  Every bit of it.

I just have to get my mind set on school again.  I know that once it starts, I'll be fine.  I'll love it and be content.  But for now, it's hard for me to get prepared for it.

Ah well.  I intend to enjoy the rest of the week. 

After all, school starts soon.


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