Monday, March 5, 2012

No Knitting

For three days, I was unable to knit.  Everytime I thought about picking up the needles, I felt sick to my stomach.  Never had that happen before.

My cardigan?  Nope.  The red shawl for my neighbor? Nope.  The stuffed TARDIS for my friend? Nope.

For three days.  Three days!

But I'm back to it now.  The red shawl is on the needles and happily moving along, and not a moment too soon.

Cause I found out today that my friend Dorothy (the one who got me to meet my beau last spring) is gonna be a grandma!  Her daughter is my age and pregnant.

So I need to learn how to make baby blankets. :)  So excited.

Alright, class.

Enjoy your day dear readers.


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