Thursday, June 21, 2012

Everything At Once

I found out yesterday that we have ten days to move to a new apartment.

It's not that we're being evicted.  It's not that we're moving across town.

It's that we're getting a bigger apartment across our complex.

It's very exciting.  Katie will have her own room.  Trevor and I will have our own room, too, in exchange for paying our own rent to my parents.  It's going to be amazing.=D

So here's what's happened in the past week or two:

~Trevor got accepted to the school he wanted to get into
~I'm working 40 hours at JCP
~We're moving


And that's why I've been AWOL and will continue to be AWOL for the rest of June.

Enjoy the month, dear readers. =) Swim in your respective pools for me, please.


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