Friday, June 29, 2012

Tired of the News

I'm going to start this blog today, dear readers, with an overview of where I stand.  Bear with me a moment.

Obamacare has been upheld by the Supreme Court.  I for one am thankful for that.  Under Obamacare, my mom and I (who both have pre-existing conditions that the insurance companies would love to deny us for) will always be able to get health insurance, even if my dad lost his job.  Before, we would be denied coverage.  And without insurance, my mom wouldn't be able to get the diabetic meds she needs, thus shortening her life expectancy drastically.

 I need my mom here with me.  And no matter what I do, I'm basically pre-diabetic and will develope it fully anytime in my lifetime.

Immigration makes my head spin.  Why is it so hard to let others come join our freedom?  Why is it so hard to allow those who want to learn and work become citizens?

Abortion shouldn't even be an issue.  It's between a woman, God, and her doctor.  Not the government.  Not the Christians.  Not the men in her life.  It's a private issue that has been blown up out of proportion.  Same with contraception.  The one Republican senator who said "Stick an asprin between your knees" is full of hot air; even if you deny contraception, teens and premarriage couples are still going to experiment and crave the urge to be close.

Gay marriage shouldn't be an issue either.  One friend of mine said that she didn't want the gays to call it marriage because "marriage is a Christian institution."  I have news folks.  Every culture, every religion, every walk of life has marriage.  It is not owned by one group of people.  What is everyone so afraid of?

I'm so tired of turning on the news and hearing one side against another.  I'm worn out from opening my Facebook account and seeing so much fear, anger, and hate towards each other.

When will we find the middle ground?  When will the ones who are afraid learn to open themselves a bit? 

And everyone wonders why I don't associate with a religion or political party.  (For the record, I vote independently - I've been known to vote for both parties based on the kind of job I thought they would do.)


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