Saturday, June 2, 2012

The World in Which We Live

Some people annoy the heck out of me.  And frustrate me.  And make me want to punch something.

Granted, I am not a very violent person.  Nor am I a person who gets angry a lot of the time.  But some people have lately rattled my cage.  Such as:

~The boy who dumped my cousin and threatened to call the cops on her when she left him a letter telling him how she was feeling

~The "friend" I dropped everything for all the time only to have her push me away, then contact me only when she wants or needs something

~The family of my loved one who basically disowned him because he couldn't live up to their expectations and who now may have put him into a tax crisis

~The Tae Kwon Do master who took money when he wasn't supposed to

These are mainly the people who annoy me at the moment.

But really, what kind of a society do we even live in?

I've been taught my whole life to be kind to others, to do the honest thing, to speak the truth, to take responsibility, to respect others even when I disagree.  Why can't others do the same?  Why are abortion clinics and threats of hell being thrown around when we should be extending our hand to our brothers and sisters?  Why are some people takers, taking time and energy and everything else but absent when we need them?  Why is money always such a big thing and why can't business practices be more honest?

I just don't understand the world we live in.  I really don't.

And I'm starting to feel myself becoming bitter.  I don't want that.  I want to believe there's good out there.  But I can't be trampled any more either.

So there are your thoughts for today, dear readers.  Go restore some faith in humanity.


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