Monday, February 16, 2009

I am a writing ninja - fear me.

I am a writing ninja. That's right. A ninja of the computer, a stalker of the blank page. I know kung fu with my pencil, and my ink pen can kick your ink pen's butt any day of the week. It's because I am amazing.

And while that sounds very egotistical, I can assure you that I am writing this blog for my dad, who said that I already am a writing ninja. Thanks, Dad, for the confidence, cause let me tell you, I seriously need that every once in a while.

Since we are on the topic, though, I have no choice but to express my views on the pirate vs. ninja controversy. I am pro ninja. I love ninjas, I think they are awsome. Pirates - not so much.

First of all, there is wardrobe. Ninjas wear black. As I used to dress goth for a while in the past, I respect the color black. It has a level of awe in it that you do not find very often in other clothing. So ninjas wear black all over their whole body. Pirates wear obnoxiously bright outfits including odd hats, peg legs, and eye patches. Eye patches? Really?

Then there it the argument of weapons. Yes, pirates get swords, cannons, and guns, but ninjas get ninja stars, nun chucks, and samuri swords. Not to mention the fact that while the pirate is making horrid noise on his wooden leg, the ninja is steathly and is sneaking up on his oponent. There is a finesse around a ninja.

Finally, pirates have that annoying "Argh" sound they make. Ninjas are dead silent. You don't know a ninja is in the room until you are feeling his blade.

So those are my opinions. I can't help it - sometimes things like this get me worked up. It's like Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter or the Bravery vs the Killers.... I have opinions that just have to come out every once in a while.

I hope you enjoyed this.

Birdgirl90 aka Meaghan

"How you gonna ever find your place/
Running an artifical pace/
Are they gonna find us lying face down in the sand/
So what the hell now, we've already been forever damned."
- Gin Blossoms
"Follow You Down"

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