Friday, September 24, 2010

Sometimes, I Like to Play with Fate and Destiny

It's an interesting concept, if you stop and think about it. It's not even real life I'm talking about. I mean, I have these really odd, whacked out dreams, and in them, stuff happens that would never happen in real life.

Like last night's dream. I dreamed about my grandfather and his farm. He had this old fashioned tractor that had these huge 1900's type wheels on them. When he rode down the gravel road on this tractor, he couldn't go very fast. The sun was way too bright, the corn rows were way too green and yellow, and the sky was way too blue. There was traffic lining up behind him, reminding me that it was, in fact, still modern time.

There's a start of a story in there, somewhere. Maybe I'll write it. If I do, for that brief moment, I will control the destiny of the people involved.

See what I mean? As a writer, I can control what happens. But the truth of that is this: the writer's control only goes as far as the character will let it. A strongly developed character will ultimately be the one driving the story. If you, as a writer, want your character to do one thing, but it's not in the character's personality to do it, that character won't do it. Every time you try to, it's going to come out choppy, or messy, or terrible. Characters have to stay true to themselves.

And that is my morning rambling. I have the Beatles stuck in my head; it would normally be ok because I love them, but it's "When I'm 64", and it's like the track in my head is skipping. Not cool, really not cool. I actually got my homework done this week instead of forgetting to turn it in like last week. Brownie points for me, right? And I passed that killer History test with an 88%. A high B is what that comes out to, in case you were wondering; I'll take it.

I don't know how I want to end this blog entry today, but if I don't end it, I'll keep typing until your eyes bleed, if they aren't already in the process of doing so. That being said, I think I'll end by saying this:

Live long, and prosper.

Until we meet again,


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