Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Need a Shock Collar.

No, not because I'm a disobediant dog.

It's actually something one of my best friends used to joke about.  Her attention span for things was usually very short, so she would occasionally say that she needed a shock collar to keep her on track.

Based on the fact that my own attention span is starting to rival that of a goldfish, and the fact that my blogs on here never seem to stay on topic (I'm super good at tangents, or at least that's how it feels to me), then I think I may need to second the motion.  That way whenever I get off topic, the collar would give me a quick-but-friendly shock to remind me that I need to stay on topic.

Which means that it would be going off all the time.

Maybe this is not such a great idea.  Hmm.  At least it would look cool.  I could get a black one with spikes or something and act like I'm underground punk.

But then my parents would have a moment.  Which could be funny, except that I really don't want to be responsible for giving my father a heart attack.

So no to the collar.  Let's pretend that I even brought it up.  Let's instead move to - well what do you know - another tangent.

It finally snowed.  As much as I loathe snow, I was so ready for it.  I'm ready for more, actually.  I need it to feel like November.  I loved the fall we had this year.  It was wonderful.  But without snow, my body and mind can't register that school's almost over and that the year is almost done.  The snow keeps me in line, on track.

Kind of ironic, considering I'm not from here originally.

And now for an abrupt ending.  I am tired and can not focus.  I will write when I am coherent, probably tomorrow from school.  (One of my classes is called off for the day, so I'll have plenty of time...)

Until then,


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