Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh my gosh, guys!

So, I've discovered this new show that I absolutely adore.  It's got humor, great music, and wonderful characters who I just loved.  It also has a platypus in it.

That's right, guys.  I'm in love with the Disney show "Phineas and Ferb".

I think the last Disney cartoon I really enjoyed was "Kim Possible" which, let's be honest, is fantastic.  Even though it's no longer on the air.  Disney just comes up with these great shows.  (BTW, is Disney the one that did Teen Titans or was that someone else?  I never know who did it, just that I loved that one, too...)

So anyway.

"Phineas and Ferb" is great.  It's about how these two step brothers, Phineas (the one with red hair, a triangle face, talks all the time, and I'm pretty sure he's the younger) and Ferb (British, green hair, suave, and says like one sentence per episode with few exceptions), and how they spend their summer vaction.  They are always coming up with these crazy schemes that usually involve building (successfully) something out of the ordinary, like a roller coaster or something of the sort. 

Well, their older sister, Candace (she's Phineas' biological sister though the show makes it clear that it doesn't really matter cause she loves Ferb the same), is always trying to "bust" her brothers.  But whenever their mother gets home, whatever crazy invention or thing the boys have done usually has vanished.  Their mom is always non-chalant about the whole thing, secretly thinks Candace is nuts, and almost always offers them snacks.

BTW, their dad (British as well) sometimes sees them, sometimes not, and like the mom, is pretty laid back about the whole thing.

Oh, and the best part?  There's a whole sub-plot in each episode.

See, the boys own a platypus named Perry.  When around the family, Perry is totally normal - a little bug eyed, just kind of sits there, humors the boys, loves his humans, etc.  But when no one is looking, Perry becomes a secret agent with a hat and everything.  He works for this animal run organization that really doesn't have a very good name.  His nemisis, Dr. Doof (it's longer but I'm tired and don't feel like spelling it out), is always up to "evil" plans that are usually more humorous than anything else.  He and Perry have this relationship where they follow the same basic routine each time; one can not exist without the other.  And actually, it's my personal opinion that they would get along if one was not good and the other goofy evil.

So yeah.

And Doof's experiments are usually the reason the boys' inventions disappear.  It's a great show.

I love it so much!  So much.  The music is really great because the guys who created the show are musically inclined, the characters are well done, and it's just great.  I highly recommend you go look it up on youtube.

And that's the scoop for tonight.


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