Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things I Learned Upon Being 21

~ I really am happy I stayed around to see birthday 21 appear.

~ I'm looking forward to seeing many, many more birthdays appear.

~ I have the greatest family in the world, and God has truly blessed them with me.

~ My little sister is amazing.

~ I am blessed to have been able to share this birthday not only with my wonderful family, but also with the boy I plan on sharing the rest of my life with.

~ Said boy is absolutely amazing.

~ Margaritas are both delicious and dangerous.

~ I have a low tolerance for tequila in said margarita.

~ My family is even more amazing for not laughing at me for low tolerance of the margarita.

~ My boyfriend is even more amazing for not laughing or giving me a hard time as he helped me up the stairs.

~ Getting carded for buying a six pack at Wal-Mart is fun.

~ But buying crayons and yarn is still more fun.

~ Cupcakes are still tasty.


~ I love life, and am enjoying each milestone to the fullest with the ones I love.

Life is amazing.  Full of changes and challenges.  But amazing.  And I am humbled and awed by it.


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