Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dog Sitting Champion.

I feel like I deserve a medal, actually. 

And no, I'm not being egocentric or big headed by any means.  I mearly speak the truth here.  Allow me to explain...

I'm dog sitting this week, starting today.  The weather?  Not sunny, not hot.  Well, hot.  And humid.  Oh, and did I mention the rain?  The rain that comes and goes in heavy spurts and that has flooded the apartment complex??

I normally love rain.  Do not get me wrong.

But I just spent 10 minutes out in it, holding an umbrella over the dog while she did her business.  She still got soaked, I got soaked, but hey.  We did it.  And then I tried to dry her off inside and she decided a better way would be to shake.

All over me.

Like I said, I deserve a medal.  One that says "Meaghan-is-awesome-and-should-always-be-recognized-as-such" or something along those lines.

Thank you for your time.


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