Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My neighbor put her dog, Flash, down this morning.

I knew it was coming.   I knew it was for the best.  And really, I am glad that she didn't die while I was watching her.

But I'm still sad.

Flash was king of like my surrogate dog.  I never had a dog of my own, so once or twice a month, she was mine.  Sometimes I hated getting up early to take care of her.  Sometimes I didn't like standing in the rain or snow, waiting on her to go to do her business.

But she was partially mine.

Flash needed me when Sharon wasn't home.  She always greeted me with tail wagging and the occasional lick.  She loved her treats, and loved being petted.  And when I called her a crazy dog, she would just wag her tail as if she knew. 

She was a good dog.

And now she's gone.  Gone in body, but in a better place.  And never forgotten.



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