Friday, February 26, 2010

I Keep Doing This in Hopes Someone Out There Reads It

I know it is a very odd title for a post, but I often wonder to myself: How many people actually read this?

To count, I know of one who reads it fairly consistanly, and that would be my father.

That being said, I still keep it up. I like to read and write, and writing on a daily basis, a blog or the occasional fanfic I produce, makes your writing improv. I write to please myself or to vent or to hopefully settle things in my own head.

Still. It would be nice if I eventually got noticed. Granted, it is the mind of a teenage girl on the brink of turning twenty, and that market is saturated. However, I want this blog to eventually reach someone outside of the people I know, maybe get a complete stranger to think about something from a new angle or whatnot.

At this point, I must admit that I am sick with a nasty ass cold that includes sneezing, low grade fever, and the inability to focus on anything or think straight. If this sounds as rambly as I think it probably does, that would be why.

Anyway. If you are reading this blog post, I hope that you take away something from it, either a piece of information that you didn't know or think about, a laugh at the expense of the author (always a good thing too), or even a headshake with the thought of "man, she is weird...".

Because that is why I blog. To make the world (or at least a piece of the world) think and laugh.

Good night, Cyberland, and good luck-
I mean, until next time,


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