Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Should Be Doing Homework Right Now...

At least I can admit that I should be doing something other than what I'm doing. At least I can somehow convince myself that I am not being "lazy" but rather a typical college student.

Okay, well, at least I recognize that my biology homework is sitting right next to me, not six inches away, waiting to be done.

Oh, and that the math homework is due Tuesday and I have yet to start it.

Yeah. Who am I kidding? I am screwed.

But, I don't think I actually care right now.


So, I'm dog sitting for my neighbor this weekend. This is the neighbor who lives in the building next door (my family lives in an apartment complex) and who had a copy of her home key made for me to keep permanently. I babysit her five year old son sometimes, and sometimes, like this weekend, I dog sit.

Flash is the dog's name, and she cracks the living daylight out of me. I go over there about four times a day to play with her, feed her, take her out, etc. Today, I went over when I got off of work and she greeted me at the door with her favorite squeaky toy in mouth, ready to go out into the snow.

She also knows where the treats are.

Of course, she also gets to the point where she can take me or leave me. I think she's ready for my neighbor to be home. Apparently I am a decent substitute, but we all know that a substitute is no permanent solution.

Okay, well that's all. I just didn't want to do homework, so I decided to blog.

Oh! A side note of interest: Joel Hodgson, creator and first host of MST3K as well as riffer with Cinematic Titanic, turns 50 today. Happy birthday, Mr. Hodgson, should you ever discover and read this. You have brought laughter to this college girl's time of stress. Cheers.

Alright. I'll talk to you cyberland people again soon.


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