Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sometimes, Your Problems Are Very Insignificant...

Today, I realized that I had chosen a very bad weekend to hit my burnout point in school. After not doing any homework until today, I decided to look at my homework for Thursday. The diagnosis: I am swamped and possibly screwed. And I made a D on my last lab report, and I have a migrane, etc.

But things have just been put into perspective for me.

There was a shooting today at a local middle school. And to make it worse, it was potentially done by a high school student.

I work with kids at Sylvan who go to this elementary school. I have driven by this middle school countless times. This is a place where kids are supposed to be safe and learn, feeding their curiosity with an education. This is a place where parents shouldn't have to worry that their child is going to be gunned down like a helpless animal in the woods.

Why would someone do this? Will we ever know what compels someone to take that sense of security away? Look at Columbine, look at Virgina Tech. What can we do to make this epidemic go away? Is it that we, as mentors and friends, family and administration, need to listen, and not just listen but actually hear? Do we, as society, need to stop applying so many pressures upon the youth of today so that they may actually be able to enjoy that youth without worry? Is it a simple reach out, the moment of actually caring and gentleness that for so long has left that we often forget what it is?

Luckily, no one was killed today. But two students were taken to the hospital with injuries. Tonight, the parents, students, families and friends of all who attend will lie in bed and wonder: why?

I know that schools are not perfect. Bullying happens behind the administration's back. Clicks form and students are ostricized for not fitting in. Schools are full of depression and pressure; but they are also a place for learning and futures and life. To do this in a school - that is to take away that security and future. That is to terrorize.

The world is not a safe place. Hell, even at my school I know of at least one convicted rapist who will be coming back to finish his degree when he gets out of jail in the spring. But schools are one of the few safe havens we have from the outside world. No one should have to fear to get their education. No one should be afraid to go to a place where they once felt safe.

Tonight, along with wondering why this happens to the children of our world, I will pray. I will pray we can find a way to stop this cycle.


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