Saturday, February 6, 2010

Double Pink Eye and Other Thoughts

It has happened again. I have contracted pink eye for the second time in four months. And this time, it's in both eyes.

Can I just tell you how much that sucks? I not only looked like a red-eyed freak of nature (the eye drops have cleared it up quite a bit), but both of my eyes burn and itch like there is no tomorrow. And I can't even scratch them, cause that makes it spread worse!

I think it's cause I work with kids. Ever since I started working at Sylvan, I have become more prone to "kid" sickness - strep throat, pink eye, the sniffles, etc. It is not fun. But on the positive side, I am in fact building up immunities without realizing it. So by the time I become a teacher, I should be totally protected against everything, right?

This week I had my first Biology test. I feel lousy about it. Granted, I waited till like two days before the test to study, but I studied the stuff really hard. The test was so draining. I felt tired and old when it was all said and done.

The test grade has yet to be posted, but the homework and pre lab are graded and posted - I aced both of them. Maybe there is hope for this test grade. Fingers crossed.

And the dreaded Valentine's Day is approaching. I generally am against it because a) I'm almost 20 and still single, b) it's a stupid marketing ploy to spend money and feel lousy about not being in love, and c) it's Saint Valentine's Day, meaning the guy DIED a horrible bloody death and we are buying chocolate to celebrate it.

Society is messed up, if I may say so myself.

But it's going to be okay because my improv group has been asked to do a few skits for a couple of Sunday school classes up at church on Valentine's Day. That is going to be fun.

And I think that is about it. I'm rooting for the Saints to win the Superbowl, if anyone cares. I don't generally watch football or any sport for that matter ( I like bowling, bullriding, ice skating, and the dirty hockey matches), but I'm actually pretty excited about the game tomorrow.

Okay, I've rambled enough. I'm going back to "Wild Rebels" MST3K version. I'll write again to let you all know how my test grade is.

Here's a snippet from what I'm watching ("Wild Rebels Cereal"):

It's so freaking catchy, I sing it at random. No joke - goes up with the "Pleasant Journey" song they do from "The Girl in Lovers Lane" :

I know all the words, because I am just that cool. : )

Until the next time, Cyberland readers,

aka Meaghan

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