Friday, January 29, 2010


Oh yeah, it's finally Friday! This whole week has felt so flippin long, I seriously thought I was having a series of Mondays. (For anyone who has never had a week of days that all feel like Monday, consider yourself lucky.)

So what am I doing today? Not homework. Not even going to think about homework - wait, I guess I just did. I just don't want to do it today. In fact, I don't really want to do anything today but goof. Or waste time.

Normally, I hate feeling unproductive, but today I think it's okay. Like, it's been a rough and long week and so I am not going to waste or use my brain cells today to make up for it.

Or something like that.

Maybe I'll change my blog layout. That could be exciting. Or I could paint my nails purple; I've been meaning to do that for a while. Or I could watch episodes of MST3K or Kitchen Confidential, which are my two favorite things to watch right now. Or I could try going back to the book I'm attempting to read, "Gravity's Rainbow" by Thomas Pynchon. (It has completely confused me and I'm only on page 54...)

Or I could just sit here, eat my ice-cream, and blog to you, my dear cyberland readers. The possibilities really are endless.

As long as it doesn't involve math or bio.

Until the next blog posting,


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