Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hey, it's another blog update!

This means I am feeling very accomplished. No, actually, this means I like to hear myself speak. Or rather, type. No, wait, this means school hasn't started for the semester yet and I actually have time to spare! Yeah, that's about it...

So what is new today? Pretty much nothing. I think I may be starting to get sick again. I had strep throat back in November, and I never changed my toothbrush out. Rule of thumb to staying healthy during flu/cold/whatever season: if you get sick and brush your teeth, always, ALWAYS change your toothbrush afterwards. Of course, I was so busy around the holidays that I didn't take my own advice...

And now I feel like I'm catching strep again. For those of you lovely readers who have never had strep throat, let me give you a run down. It starts with fatigue. After the exhaustion, your throat starts to feel gunky, like there's a painful itch in it. Eventually, your teeth also start to feel weird. Anywhere from one day to several weeks after the gunky feeling, you develope white blisters on the back of your throat. Sometimes you run a fever (I typically don't, so if doctors give you the "do you have a fever?" question, tell them to test you anyway), and if you let it go too long, you develope a rash across your stomach (this happened to my sister when she was little).

It's not fun. Right now, I feel exhausted and my throat is totally gunky. Plus, Katie (my sister) says that I'm back to talking in my sleep. This only happens when I'm getting sick or am stressed out.

But I can't really do anything about it now. School starts in two weeks, I have this play at church, there's an improv competition next week, and I still have to work. I don't really have time to be sick.

Topic change mid post.

Today, I watched MST3K's version of "Teenagers from Outer Space". My mom said the movie itself was boring (she laughed at the commentary though), but I thought it was an actually okay movie. I didn't like the end - movies where one of the romantic interests dies almost always bum me out. But the commentary was fantastic, the plot was easy to follow (my focus is starting to become shot, so that's kinda important), and the host segments were great. I think this episode is going to go up with "Eegah!" and "Manos: the Hands of Fate" as one of my favorite episodes.

And, while I am rambling in my sick induced state, I'd like to plug the upcoming improv show. My church has two improv groups (a youth team and an adult team), and we are going head to head on this Saturday. I am the youngest player on the adult team as well as the only female (Jenna is the lady who runs the shows, but she moderates, so it doesn't really count).

If any of you are in the Highlands Ranch, CO region this Saturday at 7 pm, feel free to swing by St. Luke's UMC for the free show. It promises to be good.

Okay, I'm done. I'll write again later this week.

Later Cyberland.


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