Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just When You Think You Can't Become Dorkier...

...something like this happens.

Today, I mailed a fan letter to the MST3K club in Minnesota. *hides face* I know, okay?! I am not only completely obsessed with Joel and the Bots, but I am now to the point of fangirl status. And it's sad, because the show is older than I am and has been off the air for like 10 years.

Which is why I will be eventually moving on to Cinematic Titanic (I have to stop being a poor college kid first...).

Anyway. So I wrote this letter about how I love the show and was watching it instead of studying for finals last semester and stuff. I even went to the point of including a page of Sudoku I had done where I absent mindedly drew Crow and Tom Servo in the margins. And then, because I am a nut, I put as many quotes from the show as I could fit on the back of the envelope.

The poor reciever of the letter is going to think I am quite mad. I think I am okay with that.

But if you haven't seen MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000), let me tell you - it is crack. The robots are so cute that I really sometimes wish I could be stuck up in space with them. And the hosts are funny. I am completely enamored with Joel (he's a father figure to the bots, adorable, and funny in that intelligent way that I so admire), but Mike's okay too. I think it just depends on your own personal opinion.

I digress.

I would like to point out, however, that this act of letter writing has officially confirmed what I always knew was true, which is that I am a super nerd/dork. I mean, I can quote Tolkien, and I used to know how to write elfish, and I know a phrase or two in Vulcan, and I have a classic Star Trek calender, and I read classics for fun in my free time (gotta love cummings and Eliot), but that doesn't mean...

Okay, yes it does. Dear God, what have I done. I think I'll know I have a problem when I start doing D and D or World of War Craft....

Eh, too many rules.

On a completely different note, I have stopped having this blog stream to Facebook. It was making me too self-concious. If my friends really want to read what I'm writing, they can find it on their own. It's good to work for things, right? And now I feel like I can actually write like myself again. All too often, I felt like I was confining my voice for fear of ridicule.

Never again, my friends, never again. This is 2010 and I plan to make it my year.

I'm also going to start signing off my blogs with a bit of whatever music I'm listening to. It may work, it may not, but it's definitely going to be interesting. : )

And on an ending note, I would like to say that this blog will hopefully be updated more often. I start school in like two weeks (bring on the Biology), and will be needing an outlet. And maybe, just maybe, my writing will improv. I really would like to try to get something published in the next year or two. I have a bunch of poems that I've been writing for years now that I think have some real potential...

Until the next time Cyberland, keep frosty.

aka Meaghan

"Save your sermons/
For someone who's afraid to love/
I'll be right here/
Lying in the hands of God..."
"Lying in the Hands of God"

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