Wednesday, January 27, 2010

School Time

And already Bio is threatening to eat me alive. I'm not sure what the deal with that is, anyway, as I am a Bio major (as of now, lol.). Turns out, when I registered, I enrolled in Bio 111, which is apparently for science majors. Which is fine, cause I am one. At the time though, I thought I was sigining up for just General Bio (aka, 105), not General College Bio.

Oh well. More work, but it will soon be over. Right?

Stupid burn out. Never again will I go from summer to spring in a single sitting (also called "going to college year round" or "what was I thinking?!").

Other than that, I think things are going well. I know I said I would give an update on the rodeo, but I am so out of energy that it's not going to happen. Just trust me when I say it was amazing and fun. K?

Work is still borderline driving me crazy. That's okay, though, cause I need the money. My computer is running out of space on the D drive (where my iTunes is located) and I'm almost out of room on my C drive - I've already increased it to the max capacity. So I guess the extra hours are going to help me get a new lap top in the next few months.

Apparently I have to renew my FAFASA paperwork for loans, but I have yet to do it. I hate filling out paperwork more than almost anything. And I mean hate with a vengence. I'd rather have to do more math homework or something. Which says a lot.

Plus it's almost tax time. I'm not old enough to buy a bottle of Jack or rent a car, but I am old enough to file taxes. Can someone please explain that to me??

It's funny, though, cause everytime I think of taxes now, I think of this MST3K thing I found that they had done for taxes back in like '92 or something. I still hate taxes, but I feel better knowing I'm not the only one. Here's the link:

It makes me laugh through the tax tears. Lol.

All of their stuff makes me laugh, actually. I know I waste a lot of time watching MST3K since I discovered it back in November, but it helps me relieve my stress. It's like improv - the laughter helps me not to take things so seriously.

Like the fact that I have a Bio test next week and am three chapters behind in the reading. Oh yeah, guess what I'm doing this weekend...

My mom told me to give up my social life, which made me laugh. For those of you who don't know me, I basically am a nerd and a bookworm, and most of my friends go to college out of state. That being said, my social life is when I hang out with Jen from math or when I'm reading about five books in a sitting.

Anyway, I'll catch up. I already made a dent in it today, so I'm calling it good for now. Just to be warned, though, the blogging is going to massively slow down. I'll do it when I'm on, but it's going to be in fewer intervals.

And that is it. I've got about two hours before work, so I'm going to go watch "War of the Colassal Beast". Later.


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