Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Lot of People Have Died for Biology as of Late...

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Okay, not really. I mean, yes it does, but no it doesn't - never mind.

Anyway, for some reason, we have been "solving" a lot of "crimes" in my biology lab. Granted, they are fictional, written inside the lab book, and are to give us all a taste of what we may be doing in real life, but still. Two weeks ago, some guy named Fred stole a Monet painting and we had to decide if he actually did it or not. (He did - as I said in my write up, we had enough evidence to try him before a jury...)

Today, a lady named Sally killed her 98 year old neighbor by baking him a poison cake. She put copper in it - meaing, we had to prove it and now have to do a write up about it.

I'm not saying this isn't interesting and fun, but seriously. Crime is running amuck in the bio department. One only wonders when it will end...

In other news, it snowed again today. I am trying to see the beauty in snow. I know it's one of those things I always bitch about, because it melts in the socks and hair, but I can see some beauty in it. Like in how it makes everything muffled and quiet when it normally wouldn't be. Or how it falls in gentle waves like feathers.

And how it covers the ice which nearly killed me on Tuesday.

I have to admit, I feel almost bad for snow. It comes down in these beautiful flakes, taking all of thirty seconds (if even), and then goes back into the water cycle by melting on the streets and either absorbing into the grass or flooding into the sewer pipes.

How undignified it must feel.

Maybe it's payback for all the times snowflakes have melted in my socks and soaked into my shoes...One can only wonder.

I guess that's about it. I have a mountain of homework to do this weekend, but I think I'll manage to get it done. I really should be in bed right now, but I'm fighting it. What else is honestly new?

My letter from the last blog still smells of marker. It's still pretty epic. : )

Okay, that's all. You can resume whatever you were doing prior to this, Cyberland readers. Enjoy your evening.


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