Thursday, January 5, 2012

All Things Considered....

I'm doing pretty well at keeping this blog somewhat updated.  Even without the convience of internet in our home.  And without really having anything important to say.

It's like cutting my bangs.  Geez.  I finally did that this morning.  I washed my hair and combed my bangs forward (where they should be) instead of to the side.  And I realized they hit the tip of my nose.  Awesomeness.

Several minutes later of chopping frenzy that only hair stylists and five year olds tend to have, and voila.  My bangs now sit where they should be - just below my eyebrows.

Why is blogging like cutting my bangs? 

Well....I'm actually still working on it.  I really just wanted to talk about cutting my own hair and not butchering it.

Oh!  Wait!  I know!

If I don't try to at least keep up with this blog, much like my bangs, then I end up with so much to write about that I can't do it in a post and life becomes skimmed over.  There.  That's my analogy.

My brain hurts.

Today is my mom's birthday.  It's pretty exciting. :)  She's a capricorn and totally fits it, too - good with numbers,  very logical, needs schedules, etc.  I love her.  I would be nothing without my parents, especially my mom. So happy birthday to her.

Gah, school starts in two weeks.  My boyfriend leaves for his school (in a different city) on Wed.  Life is changing.  I'm terrified.  But I will face it head on.  I will.

Alright.  I'm off.  Wish me luck facing life, and I'll be doing the same for you, dear readers.


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