Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello, January.

I think 2012 is going to be a year of conspiracy theories. 

Don't quote me on that.  I could be wrong.  But based on the conversations my family and I were having earlier, I'm pretty sure this year is going to be filled with conspiracies.  That's okay with me, I like them. I think conspiracies are fun.

(And possibly true.)

My goals for the year are as I said in the previous blog: be true to myself, order coffee with non-fat milk but keep the whipped cream, and take the stairs.

I'm adding something to that, though:

Knit a sweater.

I have never had all the proper needles to knit one in the round and my attention span is too short to do one in pieces.  But now I have all the circular needles I will ever need.  And I am determined.  My knitting is getting better and better and better, and faster and faster and faster.

I will have a sweter by December 31, 2012.  I will.

There's a lot of planning that has to go into this choice, though.  First, I have to pick a pattern I like. (I have never made one before, so designing my own would be unwise for the first project.)  Then I have to choose yarn that I A.) can afford in the amount needed and B.) like well enough to play with it every day and then eventually wear.  (I plan on wearing this monstrosity, no matter how it turns out.)

So I plan on spending the rest of the week going through my patterns until I find one I really, really love.  Something fun and not too boring.  Something I can knit in the round and not in pieces. And, of course, something I can wear that will be flattering.

Thus, no varigated or self-stripping yarn, cause that would give horizontal stripes which are not, under any circumstance, flattering.  Unless you're a size 00 and desperately need to look heavier for whatever reason.

Hmm, choices choices.

I'll let everyone know what I decide.  Like I said, no internet at home, so blogging is spurratic at best.  I'm at the library right now. :)

I hope everyone had a safe new year's and that this year brings blessings to all.


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