Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Yarn Has Been Purchased.

I found a pattern last night that is both simple enough for a beginner but complicated enough that I won't get bored.  It's called the Barfly and I got it out of my Pints and Purls knitting book.  I'm excited to finally work on it.  (I've been eyeing it since I got the book two years ago but never worked up the dedication to actually do it.)

So today I did the whole transfer money thing and ordered my yarn.  Ultimately I decided on Wool Ease by Lion Brand yarn in Blue Mist.  It's a mellow blue with shades of gray and green in it.  They don't carry it pretty much any of the stores around here (and the one that does have it doesn't ever have it in the quantities I need) so I ordered it from the site.

In case no one told you, dear readers, knitting (or any yarn craft for that matter) is an expensive hobby/lifestyle.  It cost me $47 to get the yarn needed to make the sweater.  Why am I doing this if it's cheaper and quicker to just go to the store and buy one?

Because I want the satisfaction of making something.  Because the yarn is so beautiful I can't stop myself from wanting to play with it.  Because it's challenging and fun and ultimately a great way to spend free time.

That's why.

It's a bit of an obsession, really.  I just can't help myself from wanting to play with yarn and make things.  Even if all my money goes to it.  All things considered, it's a better thing to be addicted to than what I used to do anyway to relieve stress.

So yeah.

The yarn has been bought.  There's no way out of this one.  This sweater will be made.

Until the next time, dear readers.


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