Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Just Want to Skype

That's all I want to do - Skype my boyfriend.

I'm at the church.  We don't have internet at home and we were going to be here anyway, so it seemed ideal.

Except there are a million things going on.  When I asked for an empty room, I was told to check the bulletin board and then go accordingly.  My sister and I checked and found one not in use.  We had just gotten settled when we were kicked out - apparently there is a group that meets there every week that isn't on the schedule.

So now I'm in the youth room in the basement.  The internet down here is no bars.  Stuff works, but slowly.  I just need to see my boyfriend - is that really too hard to ask for? 

Please, please, don't let the internet fail while down here.  Maybe next week I'll reserve a room at the library.

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