Friday, October 3, 2008

Creative writing (you have been warned)

Okay, everyone in cyberland, today's update is some more of my creative writing. A lot of the time, I write short "blurbs" - they generally focus on a character in some situation and involve pretty much no plot. I don't really get to know the character or why they are in whatever situation they are in, as they have a tendency to only last a paragraph or two. I mean, a lot of the time I don't even know their name.

This kind of writing is interesting as it gives me something to come back to later (days, months, sometimes even years) and some sort of character to develope when I am bored. That being said, sometimes the situation the characte shows up in is not always pretty or ends well. I'm a bit morbid as an individual anyway, but this sore of thing is not really in my control. I can't help it if a character is depressed or whatnot - they all have personalities of their own.

You have been warned. If you don't like it, don't read it.

She thought the city was beautiful. The way the lights danced on the highway, the way the people bustled and hurried, trying to get home before the slowly sinking sun revealed the silvery moon and lonesome stars. She thought the way the buildings created a silhouetted skyline to be magical, how they stood in relief to everything else around her. Yes, this city was beautiful - but not enough to save her.

Standing on the rooftop, lofted above the busy highway and drifting leaves, she saw everything and everyone clearly. She saw the skyline and the cars; she saw the people below and how they did not see her. Glancing up, she saw the vast unknowns of the dusky sky, the mysteries of the stars and planets and life reflected in her large eyes. A chill air blew, and she shivered. It was time.

Looking back at the dark horizon, a calm filled her, a peace she had never known before in her lifetime. With a smile, she took a breath. And then she flew.

And the city kept bustling and hurrying, and the stars kept shinning, and the skyline kept dancing in the dark, and the highway traffic never stopped as the city consumed another of it's young.

Like I said, rather dark stuff, but when a nameless character shows up, you have to write their story, even if it is only a small bit of the whole.

And don't worry, good people of cyberland. I am confused and I get stressed, but I also have people who need me here. I'm not going anywhere.

Until next time, happy reading.

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