Monday, May 31, 2010

(Insert Witty Title Here)

Good morning, my Cyberland readers! How's your Memorial Day going thus far? Excellent.

Yeah, mine's going pretty well too. I got to sleep in, which is nice, cause tomorrow I open again at work. :D It's not terrible, I have no complaints at the moment.

So I was the first to enter that contest last night, right? Yeah, the guy who entered after me made some comment that basically translated into how un-original mine was. I'm choosing to ignore it, cause I'm really happy with how my story turned out. Even if I don't win, I'm still posting it on fanfiction. That's how happy I am with it.

I feel like I may be getting better at writing, which really makes me excited. I really would like to have something published in a book format. I have to say it like that, cause I've uploaded fanfiction, I've had poetry displayed online for contests, and I wrote a letter to the editor that made it into the newspaper at one point. Now, I want to be in book print.

Granted, I don't see myself writing a novel any time soon, but it would be cool to get a short story published in a collection or something. Gotta keep the writing up, gotta get some new ideas...

My dad has taken the car to get the oil change. I've been told that when he gets back, we may go do something as a family. It doesn't really matter to me one way or another, as long as we are together and no one is stressing out. Oh, and we're grilling for dinner. I love grilling.

And until our plans either fall apart or come together, I'm going to finish my chapter of my mary sue fanfic and rewatch the CT version of "the Alien Factor".

Enjoy your holiday, Cyberland, and remember to take a moment to remember our military men and women - you may not agree with the wars(I don't), but they are brave to be out there and deserve our respect.


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