Sunday, June 27, 2010

Here We Are.


The name speaks for itself.

Here's my take on it, with apologies to the folks who live out here, cause the Kansas folks really are nice people. I mean, I've had more people talk to me, be friendly, and just generally seem like decent people out here.

Which I suppose makes up for the state itself.

It starts off beautiful, with fields and trees and the sky that washed out blue that humidity can bring to the midwest. And then, after about two hours of driving, it turns.

It becomes one of those things where you realize that if you see another field again, you are going to scream. Where, if you think too hard about the miles across the state that you have gone compared to the miles you have yet to go, you will feel a pain radiate across your forehead as your brain threatens to blow. Where anything could happen, and no one would care, because it's freaking Kansas.


So now we are camped in a hotel in Topeka, which isn't terrible, except the guy downstairs has already given our room to another person (that was fun), and that we still have over 300 miles of Kansas to drive through as well as the eastern plains of Colorado.

Which looks an awful lot like Kansas for the first two and a half hours or so.

It was totally worth it, though. This trip has been fun, I've gotten to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while, and being in a car with my family doesn't totally suck.

I guess I can tolerate Kansas.


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