Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Alive!

I am mastering the art of procrastination. Hence, why I have not updated here is what feels like an eternity. Ok, that's overstating, but you get the idea. Plus, I'm on the road and not blogging from the safety of my room, instead relying on internet connections from hotel rooms across the Midwest.

Right now, though, I'm staying with a friend of mine in St. Louis. Her internet is decent, I must say, but I can't stay long because I only get these few days with her before I'm gone for a few more years.

Basically, traveling in a car across Kansas and Missouri sucks, seeing family is awesome, staying with friends is a blast, and I will never take White Castles for granted again.

I got to meet my cousin's girlfriend (who is totally and completely awesome, I might add), and so I guess that officially means I'm next in line, which is odd. Considering my dating record, though, and how much I clam up around the male population, I think singality is probably still going to be with me for a while. It was also really nice to catch up with everyone.

We went for BBQ at Gates BBQ in Kansas City today, which was great. The BBQ is terrible for some reason, but the trade off is that the Mexican food is probably some of the best I have ever had. We drove around my mom's old neighborhoods, and then headed to St. Louis, which is where we are now. I'm staying with my friend, and the rest are staying in a hotel.

And now I'm going to bed, as I am exhausted. I realize this is not the best blog update I've done, but I promise you, Cyberland Readers, that I will write a better, in detail blog post once things settle down.

Until the next go,


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