Friday, June 25, 2010

Officially Summer!

I can say that because I have my first sunburn of the season. Note to self: when out in the sun for prolonged periods of time and you know you have pale skin that didn't get the ability to tan from the Italian side of the family, bring a hat and loads of sunscreen.

It's after midnight, and I can feel my neck getting that stiff, sunburned feeling. Not to mention the fact that my lips are cracked and sore. It may not be the worst burn I've ever had, but it is a burn. Gah.

I know that I don't tan. I know that the sun hates me. I mean, I'm almost as pale as Brain Guy from MST3K - not Albino white, but pale enough that even a pink flush is noticable.

I'm almost afraid to look in the mirror tomorrow. We shall see what happens.

Yay for summer and vacations.


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