Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sometimes I stare at my ceiling...

I have a tendency to wake up at odd hours. I will not lie - it drives me up a wall. Lately, I've been so tired at night that I actually sleep almost the whole night. Usually, though , I wake up at three or so in the morning and am unable to go back to sleep. At those times, I stare at my ceiling.

While staring at my ceiling, I think about the weirdest things. Like if there is anyone up at three in the morning thinking about me, or if there is someone across the universe thinking about someone being up at whatever time they are up. You know, the hopelessly romantic thought of "Is there someone up at the same time as me thinking about me, either conciously or subconciously, by name or just out of loneliness, the way I am thinking of them?" This is probably not the best way to get back to sleep, but you have to admit that it is an interesting concept. And hopelessly romantic situations give me the best story plots, anyway.

How many star crossed lovers are out there, thinking about each other without knowing each other? It's hard to explain, but there is someone for everyone and even if you haven't met them yet, you think about them. And they think about you. I just know it.

And sometimes, as I lay there on my bed, staring at my ceiling, thinking of my other half, wherever and whoever he may be, I think - why am I doing this? It makes no sense. Dwelling on the unknown is the fastest way to get into trouble, but it's also what makes us all human. It's the human condition. Hmm... Maybe I should do a post about that...

Sometimes, I wish the ceiling held all the answers. Like, is there someone thinking about me at three in the morning? But the ceiling is silent. And in the deafing silence, I eventually roll over and drift back into sleep, the questions of life still bounding through my mind...

And then I wake up and write down what I feel and have extra material for my stories. So I guess it all works out. Right?


Have a nice day, cyberland. Future blogs will be less mushy, I promise.

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