Friday, December 12, 2008

I think technology doesn't like me very much

And no, it's not all in my head. Seriously. My little laptop PC is driving me up a wall. Granted, I wasn't exactly shopping around when I got it last summer so the memory capacity really sucks; and to be honest, I think I should have spent more time thinking about what I really wanted. Like lots and lots and lots of memory and the ability to play computer games.

Yes, I am a highly motivated individual.

Now I do have to give my computer credit. It runs iTunes and burns CDs. That is an amazingly awsome feature, especially for someone like me who needs music like oxygen. (It's the honest truth; last year I got grounded and my parents took my radio away from me. I thought I was going to die - I even went so far as to petition for my radio previliges back by doing a 95 Thesis like Martin Luther did. I taped it on their bedroom door; they got a good laugh from it, but did not relinquish my radio until the end of the sentencing...) I also like the fact that my computer plays DVDs. That is another cool feature.

However, after waiting for what seems like ages for it to boot up and get warmed up, I usually am fairly annoyed. Plus it runs really slowly on websites like Facebook and gmail. And when I go to play online games on and . Blah.

But, again, for the main purposes like checking my email and typing papers or story plots, it seems to run fine. Just don't run pandora and you'll be fine.

Here's why I think technology hates me, though. My computer will randomly reboot itself in the middle of programs. Sometimes I am able to postpone it, but if I leave the room and the thing pops up, it just goes ahead and does it. Not only that, but it freezes up and has to be manually shut down at least once a month. I almost wonder if it's from the Vista software on it, or if it's just from the lack of memory and the number of things I have running on it.

So there are my technology woes. Apparently I do know something about technology, though - while the computer gives me grief, I can still find my way around the Internet quickly, run this blog, and keep my iPod from exploding. It's a start. Maybe one day I'll get to a point where computers frustrate me less.

And there is your blog update for today. I am starting a new kick where I update more often. We will see how that goes.

Until we meet again.

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