Thursday, December 25, 2008

My "N" Key is going out...

So it's Christmas day and I have discovered something new - the "n" key on my laptop keyboard seems to be on the brink of going out. It's rather annoying because I use the "n" key quiet frequently and now I have to hit it just right or else it won't go. Blah.

I survived my day of crazyness yesterday. I woke up yesterday morning after having a bad night's sleep (I think I dreamed about spiders because I was blogging about them before bed, but I don't really remember...) and proceded to have a nervous breakdown on the way to work. Which kinda sucks, because I'm one of those people who hate crying in front of other people, especially if they are related to me or know me (like my parents, who were in the front of the car); luckily my face was not overly red at work and I survived my morning.

But then I got attacked by this big, heavy box at work. Basically I had to move this huge stack of boxes from one area to another, which isn't that big of a deal. Except for when the boxes are stacked above your head and you assume they are going to be light. I ended up dropping the box (it was really heavy and I had no grip on it whatsoever) on my head slightly and then, like in slow motion, it scratched my arms as I tried to catch it. I heard it meet the ground and realized that there was glass inside of the box. I'm pretty sure I broke whatever was in the box, but the lady in the room I was in said not to worry about it because they would just blame the UPS guy.

Sorry UPS guy. I am working on learning to be more careful.

The rest of yesterday seems to blur. I know there were three church services I attended, one that I got to watch (the puppets did a great job as did the youth bells and choir) and two that I performed in (Epic Fail the first time on the bells, much better the second service). I came home and ate onion rings from Burger King and went to bed. Apparently, onion rings from Burger King affect sleep patterns cause I had the weirdest dream last night...

Today has been a pretty good day. I got the cutest pink bunny slippers! I'm wearing them with my argile socks right now and think they are the spiffiest things since silver chains. And I got fingerless gloves, which means I can play my violin in the cold without my fingers freezing off. I've also been stuffing my face with food that is not the healthiest in any sense. I'll start my diet after the new year...

In fact, I think the only thing that is not going well today is that we still don't know why my dad's car died on the highway last week. And my "n" key is driving me batty.

I hope all you people in cyberspace have enjoyed this week of lots of updates and that you are enjoying whatever holiday you celebrate. I wanna say that I'm still going to be updating like there is no tomorrow, but I have no guarentees.

Until then, happy holidays.

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