Monday, December 29, 2008

I forgot I need to buy calenders...

Maybe I'm in denial that 2009 starts this week, but I seriously forgot that I need calenders. So unless I go get some within the next two days (not gonna happen), I'm going to have these three open gaps on my walls. Yes, I keep three calenders plus one planner. It gives my room style and keeps me on track.

I think I have bigger concerns, though. Like getting the room my sister and I share clean before my St. Louis friend comes next week. And finally getting my Beatles headshot hung (it's a really cool wall hanging from their later years that's in black and white and framed). So what am I doing right now?

I'm sitting in the library, using the wi-fi to blog while listening to the Bravery Radio on Pandora. Pandora, if you have never used it before, is one of the coolest things on the Internet. What you do is type in a song or group you like and it will create a "radio station" based upon that. It's a great way to get to know lots of little known groups as well as hearing the ones you love. Thanks to it, I have discovered that I really like Franz Ferdinand and other various artists. I have about 7 different stations - the Bravery, Augustana, Coldplay, I Am Ghost, the White Stripes, etc.

My sister is here somewhere; it sounds bad, but we split up. I figure that a) it's the library so nothing is going to happen, and b) I'm 18 and she's 15. We can handle ourselves fairly well. I suspect she is down looking at manga books. I was really into them when I was her age and she is following suit.

And here she is, manga books in hand. She says she's bored here right now, so I think that means that I need to wrap it up. Not sure what we are going to do, but we'll think of something.

Until next time, Cyberspace.

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