Monday, January 19, 2009

I finally found a station on the radio I like again...

I have to be honest - my relationship with the radio has been an interesting one.

When I was younger, I never listened to the radio. Then I discovered the British invasion of the 60s and was glued to the oldies station for the longest time. One day around the time I was 13, I got bored and began what would become a typical thing for me - radio surfing. It was then that I was exposed to the modern music scene and my musical tastes began to expand. I would have about five stations that I listened to, from classic rock to stuff from the 80s to modern rock to alternative.

And then we moved to Colorado and I had to rediscover stations all over again, which was really exciting for me. I found a handful of stations that I enjoyed and could flip between (this way I avoid commercials on the radio). But then I noticed something...

All the radio stations play the same songs by the same artists over and over and over again! Plus, the oldies station is now considering the 80s to be included with the Beatles. Which they hardly ever play, I might add.

So I got bored and stopped listening to the radio for almost all of last year. I listened to and videos on youtube and used iTunes to help me find new stuff (like the Bravery and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Plus I began to see what everyone around me was listening to. And I discovered that I enjoy listening to bands that people are like "Huh?" when I ask them if they've heard of the group.

And then the amazing thing. I turned on the radio for the first time in a long time last week. And I heard more of the same on most of the stations, with the exception of one - the independent alternative station, aka the indie station. I have been listening to it almost non-stop.

I have to say, radio and I are now getting along again in a way. I still don't like a lot of the main stream stations except for maybe one or two, but I love this indie station. I think that listening to music by people outside the main or the know is great. It increases your music taste and makes you better for it.

So that is the story of me and the radio and our love/hate relationship.

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