Monday, December 27, 2010

I Like Mustard.

A lot, as it turns out. 

Something you may not have known about me, dear readers: I used to be a ketchup-aholic.  That's right.  My teen years were spent putting the sweet red stuff on nearly everything I ate - mac and cheese, chicken dishes, beef dishes, pork dishes, hot pockets, eggs, sandwiches, etc.  I could not get enough of the stuff.  I think the only things that I did not put it on were pizza and mashed potatoes.

That's how much I loved it.  But alas, all good things have to end.  After a while, ketchup and I began to grow apart.  Sure, I still like it on the occasional Wendy's burger and fry box.  But as the years progressed, I started to change and drift.  I went through a period of experimenting with different condiments: ranch, bbq sauce, hot sauce.  All were good in passing for a quick, one snack night, but none had lasting potential.

  But then something happened and now it seems like I have a new sauce to love.  A sauce that is tangy rather than sweet.  A sauce that still stains much the same as I dribble it down my shirt in a moment of mindless fry-shoving panic.


I honestly never thought I would like mustard.  After all, if ketchup is one of the sweetest food toppings you'll ever find, mustard was the opposite.  Tangy, vinegar-y, and yellow.  I thought it would never work out between us.

But then  I started eating mustard over the summer.  At first, it was one of those health kick things I get from time to time.  'Mustard cleans you out', 'mustard helps you lose weight', etc.  Naturally I felt the need to try something that would help me lose weight and clean out my system.

I never expected to love the taste as much as I did.

Now I put mustard on nearly everything, much like I did ketchup all those years.  I like the fact that mustard is tangy and adds kind of a kick to everything from sandwiches to eggs.  I especially like the spicy mustard with the bits in it.  Plain spicy is good too, but the spicy deli stuff is my favorite.  It makes a Subway sandwich for me.

It's kind of like banana peppers.  I started eating those because eating spicy helps clean you out and gets your metabolism going - aka, you lose weight.  Now I can't have a Subway sub without them and the spicy mustard.

What a world this is coming to.  Oh well, at least it's tasty and good, right?


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