Friday, December 24, 2010

Life is Short. =(

Hi guys.  Yeah, I know I haven't blogged in a while.  It's the week of Christmas and I've been swamped with trying to stay sane.  And yeah, I realize it's after 1 in the morning.  I'm exhausted, trust me.  But I have to blog about something that's bothering me.

I just found out that a woman I worked with at Sylvan lost her husband yesterday.  This woman is probably one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, and is one of the teachers I miss working with the most.  She is kind, generous, funny, and just a great person to be around.  She also has two very small little boys.

The fact that this happened to her, that her husband died in her arms from the flu, bothers me.  It really does bother me.  I've always considered myself to be pretty immune to death and the notion of dying.  After all, when most girls my age were planning their weddings, I was planning my funeral (I know it sounds awful, but it's true; I now am planning my imaginary wedding though, so we've moved on...).  But this news makes me incredibly sad.

Can you imagine what she must be going through?

To go through life and find that one person who God has created just for you, your soul mate and other half is a great thing.  To start a family with that person must be wonderful.  But then to have that other half of yourself ripped away suddenly when you think you have more time to be with them.  It must be awful. 

Especially with the holidays so close.  Christmas is technically tomorrow.

It makes me cry, actually.  I'm in tears for this wonderful woman as I write this blog.  I cannot imagine how heartbreaking it is.  I can't comprehend the pain she must be going through.

I know I don't do this very often, guys, but please pray for her.  Please.  No matter what your faith is or what you believe, please offer up a prayer for comfort and strength for her and her sons.  I know that God will help them weather the storm, but she needs all the extra comfort we can provide.

And guys.  Life is short.  This is what I've learned from this.  It can be over before you know.  Don't assume you have all the time in the world.  Tell the people you love what they mean to you.  Hug those you care for.  Touch the life of those around you.  You only have one shot at this thing called life, and it can be over in a flash.

Until we meet again, please do pray for this wonderful woman.


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