Thursday, December 2, 2010

Well, It's Over.

My semester, I mean.  Come on, guys.  What else would I be talking about here?

Anyway.   It's done.  Fall 2010 is over.  I had my finals today, which felt brutal.  Not gonna lie there.  I should probably try this thing called studying.  (No, I don't really study in the traditional sense; yes, I do manage to pass.  Somehow.  Don't hate me, k?  I listen well in class.)

I don't know how to feel.  In a way, I am soo glad this semester is over.  It was long, it was exhausting, it was full of stress and sweat and tears.  I was sick all the time.  I was tired most of the time.

But -

I loved this semester.  I think this was my favorite semester at school, just because I was able to be  I didn't hang with people who made me feel like I was out of place, I didn't work (at least, not after the third or fourth week of semester), I didn't have any obligations except to myself and to my family.  It was nice.

And the classes.  I loved the classes I took.  I finally realized this semester that I am a writer.  Discovering that was great.  I always knew I loved to write, but my Creative Writing class solidified it for me.  And I got to say "fuck" over 100 times in a page long paper for the class.  I got out of my comfort zone. I learned to write more in my own style, and watched my work improve by leaps and bounds.  My history class challenged me to go beyond my typical work.  It was interesting, fresh, and hard - something I needed to motivate myself.  My music class was boring at times, but through it I rediscovered my love of Beethovan and Tchaikovsky.  (I'm pretty sure I did not spell that right, but hang with me, folks.)

I met people.  I met a woman in my music class who not only knits like I do but who also does roller derby, which is my shoot-for-the-stars dream.  I met another woman in that class who's a single mom singing in a rock band.  I got to know the guy who sat in front of me in History and never had a dull moment after that.  The girl in History who I ate lunch with, the girl in writing who sometimes joined us, the other girl in writing who I can't imagine not being friends with.  It was incredible this semester. 

There were laughs, tears, giggles.  There were papers and tests and readings.  I read outloud a piece I wrote in front of a group last night for the first time.  I left my comfort zone behind me and I can't imagine going back now.  And I think I may have gotten over my fear of elevators.  Or at least had it lessen.

Of course, there are people I wish I had been able to get to know this semester.  Like the guy who sat in front of my friend and next to Hollister boy in History.  Or like the guy who sat behind me in Music.  Or even like the girl who sat in front of me in History.  And, of course, Hat Boy, who fell off the face of the earth, it seems.

But that's why there's next semester.  Things that are supposed to be happen.  Things that aren't leave their mark on our hearts and leave like bubbles - no use trying to grab them, just admire them as they go.

So, I am now on break for a month.  Or more.  I'm not really sure.

I plan on knitting like there is no tomorrow, practice my roller skating skills (or lack thereof), and maybe catching up on my reading.  Basically, I just want to take it easy. 

And tonight, it's bubble bath night and then sleep.  Cause as I said before, those tests were freaking brutal.

Until the next time, my readers.


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