Friday, June 24, 2011

I Did It.

I led my class through a week of fun and excitment.  I watched them grow in God and in Christ.  I saw the world through there eyes and relized that sometimes, grown-ups make things too complicated.

This week, I grew as a person.

I came home every day hoarse from having to talk above commotion in several rooms.  I came home exhausted from playing and singing and (when the need arose) separating children.  I came home each day filled with a sense of accomplishment.

I often came home wondering if I had done the best I could.

Today it was confirmed.  I did.  I did.

As the kids stood up on the stage and sang their songs for their parents, I felt a warm feeling.  These were my kids.  And even when I thought they weren't listening to me, they were.  Even when I thought they weren't paying attention, they were.

These were my kids, and they made me proud.  And I told them, as their parents came to pick them up.  While the parents told me that I did a great job, I told their children that I loved having them in my class.

And I did.  I meant it all.

Maybe I'll do this again next year.


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